18/02/14 Rules

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18/02/14 Rules

Post by Red on Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:08 am

Global Rules

1: Do not double post within a 24 hour period.
2: No 'Fan Art' from any other media within the 'On Topic' section of the forum.
3: No flaming others.
4: Respect each others work.
5: No swearing.
6: No pornography or inappropriate pictures posted on this forum.

On Topic Discussions Rules

1: The On topic area is only for those that can speak of other peoples work in a critical impromptu.
2: The On topic section of the forum is a joint only project area.
3: Double posting is still not allowed for project reasons, within a an hour period.
4: Art within the 'On Topic General Chat' is not allowed.

Off Topic Discussions Rules

1: Double posting is not allowed, but there is an edit button for that.
2: Off Topic General chat is widely opened to everyone, whilst it must be guest friendly.
3: Art within the 'Off Topic General Chat' is not allowed.

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